Pickleball Ninja Clinic

Reduce your reaction time, improve your body mechanics, hit with power from all angles, increase your court awareness and learn to hide your intentions using a variety of martial arts principles. And as a bonus, we'll learn an exercise to defeat the dreaded "chicken wing" shot.

Jeff Kerr had studied Isshinryu Karate for many years prior to taking up pickleball, and this training has carried over into his style of play of fast hands, a still body, and inscrutable intentions.

This 2 hour workshop is aimed at mid-level pickleball players -- no martial arts knowledge is necessary. Some of the exercises planned require close interaction, but anyone, of course, can opt out of any close-quarters exercises. Here are some of topics we'll a variety of pickleball techniques and challenges.

Ages 15 - Adult


Bellingham YMCA Gymnasium

FREE for YMCA Members
$16 for Non-Members

Instructor:  Jeff Kerr


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